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Jan 6 Testing Report Published

Jan 6 Testing Report published

This means Your TEHoopla! Rankings updated.

See Your TEHoopla! Top 10 page

Time to Take Action!  Time to follow, to Do!

There is much Bountiful Harvest to those making use of.

If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

Simple explained

Simple explained

But first, continued Blessings.
Blessings to you and your family.
Our heart is to help those with nothing.

All Hoopla follows the same
Concept, Format, Layout, Purpose, Goal.

We want All Hoopla to be Family, Comfortable, Welcome.

Colors may change, Site Name, Focus, but still Family.

All Hoopla makes use of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Join, top left menu.

This is where you start, and return often.

Go to any of Your Hoopla sites, login, see home page.
Simple instructions explained in few words.

Simple? Oh Yes! And it works, well!

And we are behind the scenes now working on lessons. Better.

Last note for now, all are welcome, free and pro.
Our heart really is to help those with nothing.
We all are climbing this mountain.
We are doing so with our hands wide open.

To Help Those with Nothing

Blessings to you and your family.
Our heart is to help those with nothing.

2015 is here. We are thankful, blessed, excited.

There is a mountain ahead.
We are climbing with our hands wide open.

This coming year starts now.
Day by day, moment by moment, continual.

What can you expect from Your Hoopla in 2015?

Simplicity. Yes!

More teaching.
More lessons.
More help.
More giving.
More simple.

Yes Yes Yes!

Our heart is to help those with nothing.

Yes, online business, helping those with nothing.

This is how we got our start more than 15-years ago,
with nothing. And we want to do a better job
of teaching, helping, showing the way from
nothing to doing well. Simply, honest, well.

We have no interest in going with the flow. No!

Nor do we care to go upstream, against the flow.

The Hoopla Way is another stream altogether.

The high road, Oh Yes. Quiet. Simple. It works!

Come now, today, day by day, moment by moment,
Climb This Mountain with Us.
Yes, with hands wide open.

The Last Testing Report in 2014

the last Testing Report in 2014

The Weekly Testing Report for
Tuesday December 30 2014
is published and rankings updated.

Your TEHoopla! Top 10 page

3 Notables

1 – All members should login, review and update.

2 – All refocus on Most Current Top 10
Use daily to promote Your TEHoopla!
Get signups and earn referral rewards.
To build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic.

3 – Lifetime Pro?
Reply to this with your interest.
Get Lifetime Pro  to All 5 Hooplas
or however many you need/ want/ remaining/
Tell us your interest and we will send discount offer.
Offer Good through New Years Day.

Yes, throughout Hoopla, we are offering discounts to get
Lifetime Pro in all 5 Hooplas.
Again, reply to this email with your interest.

See All Hoopla!

Start Simple


Many will enter in the coming days. Are you ready?

Yes, many will enter this online arena in the coming days.

It is the time of the year when we got our start, 15+ years ago.

And it is the time of the year when increased numbers will also get their start.

And Oh, this is also the time of the year when many regroup, start over, renewed focus.

Start Simple. Keep it Simple.
Simple is your key.
Simplicity is Your Hoopla!

Your TEHoopla! Simplicity page

Use it, or the rankings page, to promote Your TEHoopla!

Why? For the Want of Traffic!

Get signups, earn referral rewards, reap a bountiful harvest.

Yes, this is simple. For the Want of Traffic.
More — ongoing daily traffic.
Ongoing Daily Traffic is the life of all business.
This is why we exist. This is why to use Hoopla.
Today, Tomorrow, Daily, Everyday!

How can we best help you today?

Because of Zero

Because of Zero

This is the reason why we are all here.

Because of Zero

Zero sales + Zero opt-ins + Zero branding = Zero

And more specifically, Zero traffic is Zero.

We are all here for the Want of Traffic.

This is why Your TEHoopla! exist.
This is why You joined TEHoopla!
This is why You continue with TEHoopla!

We are a traffic builder, plain and simple.

Why?  To build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic.

Because of Zero?
Want of Traffic?

Yes Yes Yes!

And if you need help with ANY SITE YOUR MAY BE PROMOTING, we can help.

>>>A Perfect Mix of Daily Traffic From All Top Ranked

We Got Our Start More Than 15-Years Ago

We got our start more than 15-years ago, yes, before Hoopla.

It was a time just like this, the holidays.

We were determined to learn, figure this out, make it work for us.  And Oh, it worked, worked well.

Today, Your Hoopla is a result of that time — learning, focus, taking action.

How can we help you today?  Yes, we are open for business all holiday week.

We encourage all to learn, focus, and take action.  Our help is available.

What Do You Need?


Persistence — there are a lot of talented people who they lack tenacity and persistence.

The problem is they start well, but they do not finish well.

All is well that you begin well and finish well. Plain and simple.

Tenacity and Commitment will lead you to finish what you started.

Testing Report and Rankings Now

Testing Report and Rankings now

The Tuesday December 16 2014 Testing Report
is published now, therefore, rankings updated.

This weekly report includes all testing data for Top 21.

Your TEHoopla! Top 10 page

How can we best help you today?



If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

Your TEHoopla! Simplicity page

Simplicity: the state and quality of being simple. Oh Yes!

How can we best help you today?

Rankings Updated

Rankings Updated

Your TEHoopla! Top 10 page

100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002
Testing Report Published Every Tuesday

How can we best help you today?

Simplicity, Oh Yes!

Simplicity, Oh Yes!

Your TEHoopla! is Traffic Exchanges Simple.

Please take a moment to read the above page,
review Your TEHoopla, update, refocus, Oh Yes!

Could it be you missed it?  the Simplicity!

How can we best help you today?

The Latest Profit Rankings

Profit Rankings:  testing report and rankings updated.

The latest Profit Rankings Testing Report Published
Oh, if you are not part of ProfitHoopla! yet…
If not already, see ProfitHoopla! here

What we are doing, testing and rankings,
in the realm of Profits, nowhere else.

This Testing Report is revealing, useful, unbelievable.

36 Top Ranked Resources qualified for rankings this report.

Oh Oh Oh, daily we are asked about where to make profits.
Here you go.  Answers.  Solutions.  No-brainers.  Simple.

Asks Seek Knock

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
The Holidays Are Always Very Good Online!

Thanksgiving is our favorite week of the year.
Always increase searchers, newcomers, signups.

It was doing a time such as this, The Holidays,
where we got our start online, 15+ years ago.

I was determined, on a mission, to discover how this work.

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.

Oh, we love to share.  We love to help.  We love to give.

Take a few minutes today to overview Your Hoopla!
It is simple, yet extremely useful and powerful.
You are likely missing the one key to unlocking your door.
And it is likely so simple, right there before you, just…

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.  Yes Yes Yes!

…be given to you.  …shall find.  …opened unto you.

We are here, open for business, All Thanksgiving Week!

And if you need help with promoting anything, here is our best

Oh Yes, there will be many extra eyes this week —
Searchers.  Newcomers.  Signups.

The Holidays are always very good online.