Lesson 2

Your TEHOOPLA Lesson 2

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Update Your Referral IDs?

  • Login to Your TEHOOPLA!
  • Go to 1st Join (top left menu).

Instructions → Join each Top Ranked, update with those referral IDs.

  • This ID is not Your TEHOOPLA!
  • The ID comes from each after you join.
  • The ID represents Your referral membership with each.

After joining, login and locate Your Referral ID for it.  This is a number or username as we have noted on each.  And when updating within Your TEHOOPLA!, only add (update with) the number or username.

Our system already embeds the Referral URL for each, we simply need Your Referral ID for it, number or username.


  • Updating with anything other than the number or username will return an error.
  • Login to each and locate Your Referral ID, sometimes listed on member’s home page or in the Affiliate/ Promote sections.  If looking at Your Referral URL for it, the number or username is most often on the end.
  • By updating Your IDs here, those that join from Your TEHoopla! will do so under you, you get the credit, you earn the referral rewards.